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Throughout his career as a well-known legal professional, Lohmar has learned to manage consistent interest from various forms of the press. He has been featured in numerous news outlets, including:

Dateline NBC

New York Times

People Magazine

Washington Post

Wall Street Journal

Newsweek Magazine

People TV

“Our county is a very safe community, and when serious crimes happen here, it’s major news. I’ve had the privilege of significant media attention over the years, which has been overwhelmingly positive due to our successes in combating crime. The recognition is nice, but being a part of finding justice for our victims is much sweeter. There’s a great deal of satisfaction when we’re able to give victims and their families justice by putting some very bad people in prison for a long, long time. That’s an extremely gratifying part of my job.”

Lohmar has also been a feature of stories in venues including St. Louis Post Dispatch, UK Daily Mail Online, and On the Case with Paula Zahn.

Prosecuting High-Profile Murder & Other Criminal Cases

Lohmar has prosecuted various individuals who were in the public limelight because of the allegations against them. He explains, “When a criminal case gains sufficient media attention, the case can be deemed high-profile. This community isn’t accustomed to major crime, so when it happens, it’s newsworthy. The rare and unusual circumstances of crimes often get attention from the media and the public. Many times, high-profile criminal cases occur in smaller communities, and can progress to the national or international level if the news is developed enough. We’ve had that happen many times.”

Of course, he doesn't only prosecute high-profile murder cases, nor does he specialize in high-profile cases of any sort. He also leads a team of 24 career prosecutors and a staff of 60 professionals who have successfully prosecuted crimes, such as:

Domestic violence

Sex crimes


Child abuse


Drug Trafficking

White collar crimes

One of Lohmar’s proudest accomplishments while serving as Prosecuting Attorney was the creation of the Special Victims Unit, the first of its kind for St. Charles County, which specializes in prosecuting sex crimes, child abuse and domestic violence. As an indicator of its success, Lohmar points to his unit’s prosecution rate of reported child abuse allegations. The national average prosecution rate for reported child abuse is less than 10%. Under Lohmar’s leadership, the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorneys Special Victims Unit’s prosecution rate is in excess of 60%.

Whether a case is high-profile or not, as a frequent legal commentator and criminal prosecution analyst on local, state, and national television, Lohmar understands how to get in front of circumstances, how to effectively manage various forms of crisis, and how to control the messages that are reported. “The media’s job is to tell a story. My job is to identify the crisis, explain how we’re going to address it, and then to ensure that the community is educated that its law enforcement agencies are swift, responsive and thorough.”

Lohmar’s credentials as one of the state’s most qualified and effective prosecuting attorneys, coupled with his insider understanding of multi-channel media operations, have made him the first-choice prosecutor for those charged in high-profile cases in St. Charles County, Missouri.

Background & Education

Tim was born, raised, and still resides in St. Charles County, Missouri. After graduating from St. Charles West High School, he received his undergraduate and Juris doctorate degrees from the University of Missouri. Following law school, he began the private practice of law in St. Charles, while also serving as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the City of O’Fallon, Missouri.

Later, Lohmar served as the first-ever Municipal Judge for the St. Charles County Municipal Court. Then, in 2010, he was elected to serve as an associate circuit judge for the State of Missouri. Finally, in 2012, St. Charles County Executive appointed him to serve as the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney, a position that he has been reelected for in both 2014 and 2018. Lohmar is currently unopposed in his re-election bid for his third term.

Lohmar’s Current Responsibilities as Prosecuting Attorney

The role of St. Charles County Prosecutor is multifaceted, involving far more than glorified media interviews. Lohmar’s current position entails a broad range of daily responsibilities, including:

Leading the 4th largest Prosecuting Attorneys’ office in the State as the chief law enforcement officer for the 3rd largest county in Missouri

Collaborating with his team to determine the proper charges to bring against alleged criminals

Presenting witnesses, items, photographs, video, and other evidence of crimes in court

Assisting investigators, detectives, and other law enforcement to gather evidence

Forumulating, evaluating, and approving plea bargains - and for interviewing witnesses, investigators, and victims.

Extensive consultation and counsel to crime victims and their family members

Working closely with state legislators in the General Assembly and the Governor on matters concerning criminal justice and public safety

In addition, Lohmar volunteers significant time to local, community-based organizations as a featured speaker and lecturer.

Awards & Accolades

Mr. Lohmar has received numerous awards recognizing his superior performance as a professional in St. Charles County, Missouri. He is currently a member of the:

Backstoppers of St. Charles County Board of Directors

St. Charles County Auto Theft Task Force

St. Charles County Special Victims Unit

Missouri Justice Reinvestment Task Force, appointed by the Governor

Tim Lohmar sits on the board of directors for the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, is also the immediate past President of the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys. In 2020, his peers named him the Missouri Prosecutor of the Year.


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