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St. Charles, Missouri, Prosecuting Attorney, Tim Lohmar, is an elite lawyer and former trial court judge with substantial experience in dealing with high-profile cases that have shaped the St. Louis region in recent years. As the elected Prosecuting Attorney for St. Charles County, he has led various prosecuting teams in high-visibility cases, including the murder trial of alleged serial killer Pamela Hupp that resulted in her conviction and life in prison, and a life sentence for the killer of Angie Housman, a 34-year-old cold case that had captivated the St. Louis metropolitan area for decades.

“A long time ago, I was very surprised at how assertive the media can be when it comes to investigating new information about ongoing criminal investigations,” Mr. Lohmar explains. “Then, through lots of experience, I've learned that it's very important to give the public as much information as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the case. I believe in transparency and educating our community. People need to know that they're safe in their neighborhoods and that as their elected Prosecutor, I’m doing my part to keep our community a place that hundreds of thousands of people choose to call home.”

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